Doug and Kalinda are both New Zealand ordained Pastors.

Doug is a powerful speaker with a passion for the local church and training leaders with a vision for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. A gifted teacher in the Word of God, he carries an anointing to equip and minister encouragement to the Body of Christ. Doug’s life desire is to bring cultural transformation to the nations through the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

With nearly 20 years Pastoral experience, specialising in discipleship and leadership training, Doug entered into full-time Pastoral Ministry from a background in Management Consultancy.


Kalinda is a dynamic speaker with a passion for transformation and healing. She ministers from a strong prophetic gifting bringing deliverance and healing to victims of human trafficking.While restoring freedom for those held captive in the darkness of Asia’s red light districts, Kalinda also trains and inspires women to reach their potential in God.

Kalinda holds an Honors Degree in Social Work from Massey University. She has over 25 years counselling experience, specialising in bringing healing to those affected by the trauma of sexual abuse. Kalinda partners with Eden Ministry, in an unpaid capacity, providing the role of Counselling & Outreach Manager as well as serving on the Hong Kong Board of Directors for the ministry.


He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
- Dr Martin Luther King Jr -

Many believe that human slavery ended in the 1800s with William Wilberforce’s move to abolish the slave trade. While that move made an immense difference in stopping the open buying and selling of human beings for forced labor, it is estimated that there may be up to 27 million people worldwide, currently held against their will as sex workers or forced laborers. The majority of these are women and children.

In the city in which we live, there are thousands of girls and young women who are being forced to work in brothels as prostitutes. Having this knowledge demands a response. Kalinda partners with Eden Ministry, prayer walking the red light districts, visiting brothels and talking with the brothel owners, pimps, mafia leaders and girls who are held there. Through the love of God and His supernatural power, many lives are touched and a new life becomes possible. We help these girls and young women find the courage to escape, to find a new life and be restored.

Cultural Transformation

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Human trafficking and multiple other forms of abuse and injustice happen when the value of human life is reduced to the equivalent people of animals or objects. When the value of a human is reduced to that of an animal, or a resource it becomes possible to buy, sell and use human lives with impunity. In a culture like this, the purchase of women's bodies for sex is accepted as normal.

The answer lies solely with the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus Christ. There is no other answer to changing the human heart and transforming culture.

Knowing this we work to train and disciple leaders to know the Word of God and know the God of the Word! Leaders who learn to think freely and Biblically, and are able to teach and disciple others, start movements that transform cultures.


iBringFreedom is a faith-based ministry. We are able to do what we do because of the enabling power of God and the financial support of people just like you who dare to believe that together we can make a difference in the world today!

Partner with us to bring freedom to those trapped in the sex industry and transformation to a culture in darkness!

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